Mauritius Fish and Coral Reefs

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Mauritius is a beautiful island situated in the Indian Ocean. The island is known for its fishing activities and the coral reef are just exotic. It is a tourist’s paradise.

Divers would enjoy the sights under the water. The marine life is very varied and one comes across several types of fishes. Some of them are quite poisonous.

Coral Reefs in Mauritius
The coral reefs are a spectacular sight and protect the coastline. The coastline is a favorite spot for the tourists to hang around. The coral reefs are broken up into several parts. The biggest break is in the Southern coast situated between Souillac and of course Le Bouchon. The coral sand beaches are very enticing indeed and attract a lot of tourists.

In the coral reef area one comes across varied marine flora and fauna. One comes across a variety of fishes.

Marine life in Mauritius
One comes across several kinds of fishes and sharks, turtles, moray eels, dolphins, stone fish. The divers enjoy the sights under the water, looking at the aquatic life. Much of the this aquatic life is getting destroyed due to the dynamite used in the coral reef area.

Fishes of Mauritius
Laffe coral is found in the blue lagoon are of the island It is a poisonous fish. One comes across fishes such as Devil Firefish, Day Octapus, Le Saint Geran, Moorish Idol, Octapus Cyanae, Crown Squirrel, Mono Fingerfish, Lobster, Orange Lined Trigger, Blotched Grouper. The stone fish is very poisonous

Mauritius obviously is the place for fishing. It is a good past-time activity for the tourist. One of course cannot eat all the fishes as some of them are highly poisonous. One also has to be careful as they are dangerous.

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